General Setting

Subtitle function in video sites

You can enable / disable the subtitle function on the video site.

Word List

  • Show Result
    If enabled, result of adding a phrase to Word List will show when you do it with button on pupup cotext menu.

  • Image Capture
    If enabled, screenshot will be taken with a phrase.
    If screenshot is failed, you can retake on the ZEBLANG popup window that you can open by clicking ZEBLANG icon on the upper right of your browser.

  • Image Max Width, Max Height
    You can sepecify max size of screenshot. Screenshot size will resize to this value. Resizing process is done when you open Word List.

Browser context menu

You can enable / disable ZEBLANG menu to show on browser context menu like the figure below.

Popup Context menu

Popup context menu is like the figure below.

And You can set which site PCM (popup context menu) should be enabled or disabled. In the above example, there’s 3 entries.

disable, ALL SITES

These entries is processed in order from the top. is allowed, is allowed,
and other sites is not allowed.

If you want to enable PCM in all sites, toggle the ‘ALL SITES’ to enable and move it to the top with a sort handle icon. You can also do the same with the button ‘Enable all sites’.